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How will the lots be serviced?

All lots will be serviced with Power, Natural Gas, Telephone, Water and Sewer to the lot lineWater and Sewer System: Lot owner will be required to install a Septic Tank which will be pumped out into the Village mainline. Water will be supplied by the Village of Meota.

How big are the lots?

The lots range in size from 10,300 square feet to 20,214 square feet with the majority between 10,300 and 11,000 square feet. Typical frontage is 20 meters or 66 feet.

Is there a Beach in front of the property?

No, the shoreline has been left its natural condition.

What are the local Amenities?

Please refer to Amenities page.

What is the description of Jackfish Lake?

Jackfish Lake is a large body of shallow water in central Saskatchewan. The lake is surrounded with several different beaches including a Provincial Park. The water itself covers a large area, and approximately 10 km’s wide x 15 km’s long.

The lake has a diverse fishery consisting of perch, walleye, pike, whitefish and burbot.

When will the lots be ready?

Lot will be available to lot owners in October 2012

How do we buy a lot?

The first thing is to decide which lot you would like. Then arrange a meeting with a Kadon Representative where an Offer to Purchase will be signed between Kadon and the Buyer. The Offer to Purchase along with a $10,000.00 deposit will be forwarded to our Legal Firm (Francis & Company). They will process the Offer to Purchase and put the deposit in Trust until the title can be raised. Once the title is raised the purchaser will be required come up with the balance owing.

How long do buyers have before needing to build on the property?

There are no restrictions as to when you must build a home.

Are there building restrictions?

Yes there are building restrictions. Please refer to the Building Restriction section of our website. The buyer must also read the Regulations put on the property by the Village of Meota.

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